Rotor Effects :: Tianna G.


Sometimes projects or shoots come along that get you really pumped about. Not that I don't get excited every time I pick up my camera but once in awhile there are moments you get really anxious for. I recently had gotten a message via tumblr inquiring about me shooting with my good friend Tianna G again. It has been almost a year since our last photo session. Since then we have kept in touch and patiently waited for a new idea for her to get in front of my lens. I explained through this tumblr message that we would shoot again but when the right opportunity presented itself for us to create something fun and exciting.

Without looking for it such a moment we found one. If you haven't noticed I have been having some fun flying around L.A. with Copter Pilot for the past few months. He and I have always talked about blending my eye for shooting models with his aerial skills. We were never really sure how to pull it off till one day I decided to have Tianna link up with us at his hanger to check out his chopperĀ and to see what we could come up with. After about 30 mins and a test flight we knew it could work. A couple of days later we set up the shoot and were ready to go.

I personally was nervous considering I have never done anything like this before. But it was exciting. Not knowing exactly how it was going to turn out was nerve wracking but regardless it was fun. To step out of my normal setting for something so unique compared to what I have previously shot was exhilarating. So up and away we went snapping in the sky. We flew over various parts of L.A. trying to get flicks at some iconic landmarks for this shoot. I think we did a pretty good job of that. With Tianna in some lingerie,heels and a bomber jacket and me capturing what I can was a rush when doing so at 1,500 ft. above the city of angels. I have to give props to Tianna for holding such a good composer when moving around that high up in the air with no seat belt or harness. Maybe I just have a fear of heights. Needless to say I was impressed. Afterwards you realize that having a great pilot for such a shoot is very key.

So check out the rest of the set below along with video from this fun day. Thank you to Tianna,Copter Pilot and everyone involved for helping create a memorable experience. Now I have to figure out how I am going to top this.



















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